Star Company

The “STARS” are a performing group made up of serious dancers who wish to polish their performance skills through class work, performance and competition.


STAR COMPANY: Jordan Allison, Allison Crump, Shelby Johnson, Hannah Knight, Jordan Lamar, Julianna Mazza, Victoria Neukom, Gracie Scaglione & Mina Scaglione 

STAR DANCERS ELITE: Katie Blommel, Victoria Conn, Annalou Cope, Brianna Duncan, Rosie Fields, Mackenzie Green, Michaela Johnson, Lyndsey Lee, Danyelle Miller, Kaydee Reno, Lizandra Spainhour & Nora Urbuteit

STAR DANCERS: Molly Bentley, Kaylea Chandler-Griggs, Chloe Johnson, Katie Knight, Chloe Phaller, Bernadette Richter, Siana Troxel, Jessica Twitmyer, Savanna Wallace, Alexis Williams, Grace Williams & Piper Williams

Starlights: Maegan Balough, Jenny Borders, Kristen Frye, Cathryn Honschar, Patricia Hynes, Jeanie Lewis, Tamera McBride, Wendy McLeod, Lynn Nathe, Sherry Newgent, Jill Ricardo, Emma Richter, Debra Sweger, Donna Wallace, Kristina Wright & Tammy Right

Membership Requirements:

Members must be in the 6th grade or above, students of Blackwood Studios, and enrolled in at least three technique classes per week. Members will also be required to attend a weekly Company Class and rehearsal.  Members must maintain their attendance in all of there classes. 

*Rehearsal times will be scheduled.
Star Company members will be notified. 


Click Here For Star Company  Membership Rules


37747 Meridian Avenue - Dade City Florida - (352) 567-5919
Please call or email
blackwoodstudios @ for more information.

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