Our Little Stars 



  1. Little Stars must be students of Blackwood Studios and regularly attend no less than two technique classes per week.

  2. Member must be enrolled in the "Performance Class" at Blackwood Studios, and attend this rehearsal regularly. Members must also be willing to attend performances and occasional extra rehearsals when necessary.

  3. Should there be any cost involved in outside functions (ie: travel, conventions, competitions, or workshops), this will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the Little Stars member.

  4. Member must be on time for all scheduled rehearsals and performances as instructed. Dancers are required to stay through the end of the function unless prior arrangements have been made.

  5. Tuition of $22.00 per month is required. Costumes for all group functions will be provided at no extra charge.

  6. Little Stars should try as hard as possible not to miss ANY REHEARSALS. If you do miss a rehearsal, have your parent (or you!) call the studio as soon as possible.

  7. Members must notify their Little Stars' director at least TWO WEEKS in advance of any missed performance.

  8. Two unexcused rehearsals, or ONE missed performance is grounds for dismissal from Little Stars.

  9. Little Stars should be on their best behavior at all functions. We represent the future of Blackwood Studios



37747 Meridian Avenue - Dade City Florida - (352) 567-5919
Please call or email
blackwoodstudios @ gmail.com for more information.

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